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What's really involved?

So you’re going to renovate your bathroom? That’s great and it’s going to make such a big difference. But what’s really involved?

The process of renovating a bathroom is very similar to that of building a whole house. In some instances, all the trades people required to construct a house are used to renovate a bathroom.

We minimise disruption

We as professional bathroom renovators Perth try to minimise any disruption to your normal routine, but it must be said the first few days are a little dusty and dirty, but once the old room has gone the reconstructing begins. New plumbing and electrical work goes in, concrete sub-floor is installed, plaster work where necessary, build brick work for bath, shower hob or nib wall [if required], waterproof shower and bath areas and preparing for tiling to begin.

Preparation Work

All this preparation takes time; there will be days when there is no worker on site. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you, it’s important for waterproofing and plastering to cure properly before covering with tiles or other finishes.

Now the prep work is done your new bathroom begins to take shape. Tiling starts, this takes a couple of days depending on the amount of tiles to be laid, and again, time is needed to let thing set. Then in goes fixtures, fittings, the painter, shower screen, mirror, towel rails etc.

Admire your new bathroom

What next? Nothing! All done; time to stand back and admire your new bathroom and know it was worth every bit of the inconvenience that goes with any renovation.

It would be remiss of us not to point out that on rare occasions, renovations don’t always go to schedule, when you demolish rooms in an old home, there can be unforeseen surprises but nothing that 35 years of experience can’t fix. 

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